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June 19, 2013


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Over $3 Million in Grants and Tax Credits Distributed Through Geothermal Energy Incentive Program
The Stanley Business Centre, which officially opened today, features the first district geothermal system in the province that exclusively serves office buildings, Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak announced today.
“We congratulate the Stanley Business Centre for investing in this system,” said Chomiak.  “Manitoba continues to be a leader in geothermal technology, installing systems at nearly three times the national per capita average and featuring some of the largest, most innovative systems in Canada.”
Located off PTH 3 between Winkler and Morden, the new business centre has three large office buildings that are served by a district geothermal system.  The centre houses the offices of the Rural Municipality of Stanley, Access Credit Union’s corporate office and BDO Canada.
The Stanley Business Centre geothermal project was supported by the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Incentive Program, which assists home and building owners wanting to invest in geothermal technology.  Under the program, new and existing homes are eligible for approximately $5,000 of incentives from the province including the Green Energy Equipment Tax Credit.  Commercial building owners are eligible for up to 15 per cent of the value of their geothermal systems and owners who install district geothermal systems, where several buildings are heated and cooled, are eligible for a grant up to $150,000.
The Stanley Business Centre received a grant of over $76,000 and the property owners can also apply for the Manitoba green energy equipment tax credit.  Since the incentive program was launched in 2009, more than 1,000 homes and businesses have participated and over $3 million in grants and credits has been distributed.  The program has stimulated over $30 million in geothermal investments by Manitoba homeowners and businesses.
“Our geothermal system has multiple benefits, offering environmentally friendly, sustainable heating and cooling, while achieving savings in operating costs,” said project manager Hank Hildebrand.  “We thank the province for supporting this renewable energy initiative and contributing to a cleaner, greener environment.” 
To date, more than 11,000 geothermal heat pump units have been installed in office and manufacturing buildings, condominiums, high-rise apartments, local Hutterite colonies and private homes.  Some of the industry’s innovative projects include:  
  • the Ikea store and the adjacent retail development that form the largest geothermal development in Manitoba with approximately 700,000 square feet of retail space;
  • the Forks Market, which heats and cools a century-old heritage building housing retail shops, restaurants and offices, along with a geothermal education kiosk; and
  • an award-winning district geothermal system in the community of Ile-des-Chênes, which serves a community centre, daycare, fire hall and ice arena.
“Our grant and tax credit program is a key part of our policies and measures stimulating geothermal investment,” said Chomiak.  “In addition to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and the use of imported fossil fuels, the growth of Manitoba’s geothermal industry is contributing green jobs and significant capital investments to our local economy, while helping Manitobans save on energy costs.” 
“The Stanley Business Centre is joining thousands of Manitobans who are enjoying the advantages of geothermal heating and cooling,” said Brent Laufer, president of the Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance.  “Investing in clean, renewable, efficient geothermal energy simply makes good economic and environmental sense.”
By installing a geothermal system, an average home can reduce harmful greenhouse-gas emissions by five tonnes each year, Chomiak said, adding for many Manitobans, this is the single largest action they can take to reduce emissions.
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