Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10, 2013


On Tuesday, June 4, the Office of the Chief Veterinarian seized one horse due to identified concerns over the health, care and well-being of this animal.  The animal was seized under the Animal Care Act in the RM of St. Andrews.  The people deemed to be owners were verbally notified of the seizure on June 4.  A written notice of seizure was issued to the owner(s) on June 6.
The animal seized is now under the care of the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer.  The owner(s) have until Thursday, June 13 to file a written notice of appeal to the seizure.  In the event of an appeal, the final disposition of this horse will be at the discretion of the Animal Care Appeal Board.
The steps and processes taken are clearly set out in provincial legislation under the Animal Care Act.  The process of hearings and appeals is also set out in law, but the first action is to ensure the animals in question are placed in a location where they receive appropriate care.
Anyone who suspects any animal is not being provided with adequate care, which may include lacking adequate food, water, shelter or medical attention, is encouraged to contact the Animal Care Line at 1-204-945-8000, or 1-888-945-8001 (toll-free), or via email at  All calls will be kept confidential and all calls deemed to fall under the Animal Care Act will be assigned to an animal protection officer for inspection.
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