Saturday, June 06, 2015

A chance to be a child again

Women healing for Change an organization that has been around in Winnipeg for some time now organized a day of fun for women to explore their lives in a fun and exciting way.  Tracy Fehr Winnipeg Artist who just graduated with hr Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree after being a practicing artist for more than 20 years, led us through the morning session which began with a little meditation and a little dancing - loosening up things a bit. The she let us loose with fabric, paper, paints, threads and shiny stuff to the world of imagination and consciousness.
    It was really fun. There is a child in each of us dying to get out to play sometimes. Yeah, we don't have to be so serious and in our adult clothes all the time, it's okay for your little self to come up and play. Play we did.  At the end or the morning session we shared our process and it was quite a learning and interesting thing.  Women do carry a lot but once you we are open to sharing, the load gets lighter and you find out you are not alone.

Potluck followed and we were very creative in our eating too.  All the colours from the garden of Eden were there.  It was a feast among the group of about 15 women

Janet Carroll led us through a marbling workshop This was magical. It is an old craft which I believe started in the Middle east and was connected to calligraphy but Western artists have modified it a bit bit.  This was fun exciting and surprising.

Thanks to Gerry and Doreen who do a lot of the work in organizing these events for women. We appreciate you and your efforts. Thank you.  I'll post some pictures of what I did later, so watch fir that.

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