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March 5, 2014


A new $5.5-billion, five-year plan will focus on building Manitoba’s core infrastructure priorities and create more than 58,900 jobs, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Steve Ashton and Jobs and the Economy Minister Theresa Oswald announced today.

“In past decades, economic uncertainty brought cuts and there was not enough infrastructure investment to keep up the aging roads, highways, bridges and flood protection that Manitobans rely on,” said Minister Ashton.  “We are making this historic investment because we know restoring and expanding our infrastructure is actually even more important during economic uncertainty.  These investments keep our businesses competitive and create good jobs for families.”

The Five-Year Plan to Build a Stronger Manitobawill use every dollar raised from the
one-cent-on-the-dollar increase in the PST with new investments in core infrastructure including:

  • more than $3.7 billion will be invested in Manitoba roads, highways and bridges to better connect communities and strengthen trade corridors;
  • $320 million will be invested in flood protection around the province to better protect more communities from flooding; and
  • more than $1.5 billion will be invested in municipal roads, clean water and other municipal infrastructure to help meet the needs of Manitoba’s many growing communities.

“For every dollar that we invest in our plan, we will see an even bigger boost to our economy,” said Minister Oswald.  “We’re also investing in training in the trades and in apprenticeships to ensure that Manitobans have the skills that industry needs in order to fill the tens of thousands of jobs our plan is creating.  We’re focused on providing opportunities for young people so they can build their futures right here at home.”

Highlights from an independent analysis conducted by the Conference Board of Canada and released today projects that Manitoba’s $5.5-billion investment in core infrastructure will:

  • boost Manitoba’s economy by $6.3 billion,
  • boost exports by $5.4 billion, and
  • boost retail sales by $1.4 billion.

The Conference Board of Canada also estimates these investments will create 58,900 jobs and that each dollar invested in the five-year plan will benefit Manitoba’s economy by $1.16.

The five-year plan is the product of many consultations with municipalities, business and labour leaders and industry associations across Manitoba, the ministers noted.

“To keep Manitoba competitive and build our core infrastructure, we all have a part to play, that’s why this plan is so important,” said Chris Lorenc, president of the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association.  “We have to get started.  We have to plan ahead to get the most for our dollar and when there are delays, we have to work together to carry those resources forward and get the job done.”

“The five-year plan released today is very important to the continued development of CentrePort Canada as it focuses public investment in two key areas – building Manitoba’s economic infrastructure and building our key trade gateways and corridors,” said Diane Gray, president and CEO of CentrePort Canada Inc.

Progress on the five-year plan, as well as its economic impacts, will be independently reviewed and publicly reported annually, the ministers added.

The five-year plan can be found at

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