Thursday, November 24, 2011

Environmental Calendar Available in Winnipeg

November 24, 2011


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Green, Cost-saving Ideas Featured in 2012 EcoCalendar: Chomiak
The 2012 EcoCalendar is now being distributed at no charge to the public across the province, providing easy ideas and tips for adopting a greener lifestyle and saving money at the same time, Conservation Minister Dave Chomiak announced today.
“In this fourth edition of the popular EcoCalendar, we’re providing more ideas, tips and hints than ever before for Manitobans who want to save money while reducing their carbon footprint,” said Chomiak.  “The calendar helps people learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, save resources and reduce waste, all which support a healthier environment and a greener Manitoba.”
The minister noted that partners from various sectors came together to support the creation and production of the calendar.  Green Manitoba, a special operating agency of the provincial government, produced the 2012 calendar in partnership with several organizations including Manitoba Hydro, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba, the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association, Manitoba Conservation, the Manitoba Association for Resource Recovery Corporation, Rechargeable Battery Recycling Council of Canada, Post-Consumer Pharmaceutical Stewardship Association, Tire Stewardship Manitoba and others.
Distribution of the calendar across Manitoba has been made possible with the help of Green Manitoba’s calendar sponsors and corporate supporters such as Canada Safeway, Canadian Tire and Salisbury House Restaurants as well as several provincial government departments, municipal governments and non-government organizations.   
The calendar will be available at a variety of outlets throughout the province including:
  • Canada Safeway stores;
  • Canadian Tire stores;
  • Salisbury House restaurants;
  • Manitoba Hydro regional offices;
  • municipal offices;
  • Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs community council offices;
  • Manitoba Conservation regional offices; 
  • Employment Manitoba centres;
  • Canada-Manitoba Business Service Centre regional offices;
  • urban and rural libraries;
  • Winnipeg arenas, pools and fitness facilities; and
  • Winnipeg Regional Health Authority community offices and ACCESS centres.
Information onprovincial sustainability initiativesand links to valuable information sources, such as the Manitoba Sustainability Initiatives and Green Building Products and Services Directories, are available on Green Manitoba’s website at

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