Thursday, May 14, 2009

The big news in Winnipeg, Manitoba is the rodent stir-fry served up at Sizzling Wok a fast food restaurant in St. Vital Mall. It happened a few days ago, a couple found this extra protein they did not bargain for. No one knows how the rodent got into the stir fry.
This will be gross negligence on the part of the owners if they could not find a rodent while washing the vegetables or don't ever wash their vegetables especially if they are bought in plastic bags.
As for me, I wash everything that goes into my pot, even mushrooms - although some say you do not have to wash mushrooms - well this is what can happen when we become slap dash with food that goes into the stomach.
The restaurant was closed for a day or two but now its back in full swing and no one knows whether this rodent ended up in the food because of poor kitchen hygiene or by some other fluke. I definitely will never eat from the location again. This is gross negligence. The eaters must be scarred for life!

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