Saturday, June 06, 2015

Manitobans for Human Rights

Have you heard of this group?  This is a new group formed to push the human rights agenda in Manitoba.  We're not doing too well being named as the most racist province and the province with the highest child poverty rate ah ah, tsh tsh.

Val Thompson is the woman at the helm of this organization and she is working really hard to get the message out.

On Thursday June 4, the inaugural steering Committee was officially installed. It is composed of a group of eclectic people and they are looking for more interested people, so if you are interested get involved and let us work to make Winnipeg the Human Rights Capital in Canada  We can do it. Remember we were the first province where women (Caucasian) got the right to vote, Manitoba has the most protections against human rights but we must work harder to operationalize these rights.

The meeting was held at the Aboriginal Thunder bird House and there was a very uplifting, encouraging discussion and the first thing that the group felt that should be looked at is poverty. there are people falling through the t.  For example we were told that there are no shelters for people who are addicted, those people are routinely being turned away by shelters such as Siloam Mission , Salvation Army etc. and many die on the streets during the winter that we never hear about.

There were about 20 people in attendance. We need you to get involved.

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