Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Air Canada should up its customer service in the air

It's not the first time but I have heard it said many times, people have a better flying experience in West Jet than air Canada.  Air Canada flight attendants are apparently not as friendly and welcoming as others.
A friend of mine who flew from Vegas to Phoenix the other day could not speak more highly of the flight attendants on the American Airline she flew. She said they made her feel welcome and the trip more enjoyable. Unlike the attendants in air Canada who are always serious and grumpy. You have to smile more often people, you are serving the customer and it is your job. Is it any wonder no one cares when you go out on strike for more benefits.  You get what you give.
  This friend says that Air Canada ought to send its flight attendants for some lessons from American Airline staff but I say why go that far, take a leaf from the book of our West Jet staff who are always a delight to be around, makes one forget one is in  the air. Being friendly to people, having a smile on your faces helps to take the edge off our fear of flying. So now that you've heard it, I hope you will do better Air Canada.

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Yisa Akinbolaji said...

I hope the management of Air Canada pay attention ... Thank you, Beatrix Potts. Yisa